What is ZOOTCH?
ZOOTCH is a unique smartphone app that lets you communicate with people close by, even if they aren’t in your contact list.

Is ZOOTCH free?

How do I sign up?
You can sign up for ZOOTCH by either connecting your Facebook account or by using your cell phone number.

What is the furthest distance new connections can still be made?
The slider can be adjusted to connect with fellow ZOOTCHERS that are 10 to 200 meters away.


Can you explain how features unique to ZOOTCH help protect my privacy?
ZOOTCH allows you to form connections and start chatting with others without ever having to reveal or exchange your personal contact information.

Are my conversations, profile, and history private?
Yes! They are privately encrypted on our servers and are not shared with any third parties.


What is the History section?
The history shows all ZOOTCHERS who have crossed your path.

How long do connections stay in History?
The history section populates the last 100 connections.

If I delete someone from my History, does this remove me from their History?
No. You will continue to appear in their histories unless they delete you. If you want to prevent them from contacting you further, see below on how to block them.


Can I create a group chat?

Who am I able to add to a group chat?
A group chat can include anyone who has downloaded ZOOTCH. You can add ZOOTCHERS who are either within your pre-set range OR by accessing their contact from the master ZOOTCH contact list.


How do I use the Bluetooth feature?
Go into your settings page and enable the Bluetooth toggle.

When should I use Bluetooth?
It is best to use Bluetooth only in areas where there is NO data network or Wi-Fi.

What is the range while using Bluetooth?
That depends on the standard range of your specific Bluetooth device.

While I’m in Bluetooth mode, why can’t I see anyone on my radar on the Nearby Screen?
If you’re on Bluetooth and other ZOOTCHERS are on GPS, then you will not be able to see them on your radar. Both the user and the receiver have to be on Bluetooth to be discoverable and communicate.


How do I prevent myself from being found or seen on the ZOOTCH Radar?
Go to your profile tab, click settings and enable the “invisible” switch.

If I am invisible from others, can I still see and chat with people nearby?


Can I change my username?
If you registered via Facebook, your username cannot be changed unless you change your name on Facebook. If you registered via your cell phone number, you can adjust your name under profile settings.

How do I report someone?
- Open a current or past conversation with them
- Press the three dots at the top right corner
- Click Block & Report

How do I unblock someone?
- Open a current or past conversation with them
- Press the three dots at the top right corner
- Click Unblock